Frequently Asked Questions:

Speed: One of our advantages includes the principle of timely delivery of the finished translation project. We deliver translations according to three deadlines, depending on customer requirements.
They are as follows:

• Regular deadlines • Reduced deadlines • Express deadlines

We deliver interpreting services in:
• Regular deadlines • Express deadlines

Prices and discounts
The unit price is always specified and negotiated in advance. We never change the guaranteed unit price. We provide a detailed explanation as to the method of calculation of the final unit price and we provide the final price estimate in advance.

We provide three types of discounts:
• Client discounts    • Rebates    • Seasonal discounts

The agreed discount is guaranteed at the time of order or in the contract.

Extras – We never charge any extras for specific professional translations. If an order consists of additional tasks (such as translation, proofreading, DTP), we specify the unit price of each task in advance. The unit price is fixed and cannot be changed. The price of a translation further includes basic graphic processing of the target text on the basis of the source text and submission of electronic version of the translation.
Upon request we provide a CD/DVD backup of the translation or a hard copy print out in a folder.

The established system of recording and implementing orders, and cooperation between our company and a wide network of translators, enables us to manage a large number of translation projects even when very short delivery deadlines are involved.

The long-term mean number of pages translated daily by our company amounts to 150 standard pages per day.

Checks, Editing and Proofreading

We have established several internal methods of quality assurance of our work in the context of the quality management system that is binding upon our company.

For each translation these include:
- Continuous verification: throughout the course of the order’s implementation.
- Performance checks: corroboration by a native speaker, substantiation by a specialist in the given area, confirmation by the graphic designer, and by the project manager.
- Output assurance: before finalizing the project we ensure proper implementation of all of aspects of the project, completeness and readiness for takeover by the client.
- Output formats: On the basis of the order we process and hand over, each order is in any available format required by the client, such as: • MS Word • MS Excel •

Adobe Acrobat • MS PowerPoint • Adobe PageMaker • MS Project • Adobe Frame Maker • 602Suite • Visio • Word Perfect • QuarkXPress • Inter Leaf • Open Office • AutoCAD, and others.


All materials and information provided by our clients are strictly confidential.  All our employees and suppliers are bound by a binding confidentiality agreement.

Charged units

SP – standard page = 200 words (calculated by MS Word as the sum of words and characters excluding spaces divided by 200).

PP – physical page = one page of a document for translation into a different language or other processing regardless of its size and the amount of text on such a page.

U – unit of a certified translation = PP (a page of an official document)  or SP if PP exceeds 200 words.

Word = character or character chain separated by spaces.

Character = letter, figure or any clear expression of a notion or idea.

hr. – 1 hour = 60  minutes.

½ day – half a day = more than one hour and no more than 4 hours.

Day – day = more than 4 hours and no more than 8 hours.


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